Creating a lived in vintage vibe with the spirit of wanderlust.

Rustic deluxe boots and sandals inspired by the

California deserts and dunes.

Authentic craftsmanship finished with
love and soul.



Q & A with Mailén Obon


Mailén Obon, traveler/winemaker/equestrian


Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. I am passionate about wine - of course -​ and horses​ but I love traveling and experiencing new things. I've been lucky to have lived in a few places. Ukraine, California and now Mexico. Working and living in ​La Santísima Trinidad allows me to do all three. Every day is an adventure, I get to explore a different part of the world, and I get to do it with a wine glass in hand! 

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Q & A with Chris Hernandez

Chrissi Hernandez, photographer/creative/adventurer @chrissihernandez

Q. What are you most passionate about? 

A. I am most passionate about new experiences. I feel most inspired when I’m exploring new things whether it be a city, cuisine, music, or new medium of design or photography. What I’ve found is material things can make you happy in the moment, but experiences will bring you happiness for the rest of your life through photos, stories, and memories.


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Q & A with Jasset Iva

Jasset Iva, surfer/model​/nomadic traveler

Jasset Iva , surfer/model​/nomadic traveler

Q. What are you most passionate about? 
​A​. At the moment traveling and seeing the world while I am young and spending it with amazing people I meet along the way and helping as many people as I can. 

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