Q & A with Birgit Klett



Birgit Klett, designer/entrepreneur/mother​


Q. What are you most passionate about?


A. Today, i am consumed by creating my own business, my way, following my intuition and not other’s direction (finally!).  It is SO freeing… better than I ever imagined!   And to create product that is exactly what I want, have always wanted.  It feeds my soul..



Q. Where have you traveled that most inspired you?


A. Of all the places I’ve been, my answer surprises me!  The alps of Lichtenstein!  I have an aunt in her eighties who has a perfect small chalet in the mountains, still hikes and horse-back rides every full moon.  It’s so beautiful that i always have blue-sky-thoughts and feel very connected to family history.



Q. What's Next? 


A. I feel that I am, right now, starting on that next chapter… beek is launched, kids are out of college… and for the first time, I can really follow my heart.  I feel like a kid in a candy store…