Q & A with Molly Mitchell

Molly Mitchell, Writer/Media Personality/Happy Wanderer

Molly Mitchell, writer/media personality/happy wanderer 
Q. What are you most passionate about? 
A. Connection + Laughter. Hands down. If I'm able to travel and create connections, I'm a happy girl. And if I can make a few people a laugh along the way ... better yet.

Q. Where have you travelled that most inspired you? 
A. I recently traveled to India - Jaipur and Baggru - to see, explore, and learn about hand block printing. I don't know if it was traveler's delirium or there's actually something in the air - but I found everything there to be magical. Absolutely magical. From shades of the pink city, to the rich culture, saucy foods and even saucier dance moves - I was totally and completely enamored. 

Q. What's next? 
A. I'll be back in Los Angeles over the coming weeks shooting a new show (shhh - top secret) and, of course, plotting my next getaway (not so secret at all!). Any suggestions?!